About Us

It’s Not About Us.
It’s about delivering quality Products in timely manner

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Quality Control is Our Priority

We are an innovative company with a fresh approach that can offer printed plastic bags that fit the budget and needs of any clients without losing sight of our planet. Our teams work under five core values​​, Honesty, Loyalty, Quality, Productivity and Passion for Our Customers.

In order to deliver quality products in a consistent basis, our factory uses the most up-to-date machines and employs qualified technicians to run our equipment.  We have multiple layers of quality control to ensure our factory’s production satisfy our consumer’s expectation.

Our key to success is embedded in our expertise and desire to achieve the highest levels of quality and productivity.

Quality is critical for our customers, since their products are used in the most demanding markets.  Thus, all the bags we manufacture are subjected to rigorous quality control at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Louis Packaging Inc. is proud to stand behind our product, you will be too!