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Products We Carry:

Products We Carry:

Louis Packaging Inc. is proud to stand behind our product, you will be too!

We are manufacturer of a wide range of plastic packaging supplies including retail and grocery bags, food service bags, produce bags, can liner, trash bags, laminated bags, food bags, T-shirt bags, zip lock bags, fruits bags, meat bag, PP net bags, poly bags and many more. Whether you want it printed or not, we got it covered. We will strive to fulfill your order, be it a small run or big run. Our material selection of will give you more options when it comes to fulfilling your needs. Feel free to contact us with any inquiry of our products and services and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

Competitive Pricing

Without any sacrifices in quality and because of our production efficiency, we are able to provide very competitive pricing. We understand that you have options. However, please consider our ethical practices, satisfied clientele and we encourage you to let Louis Packaging Inc. work with you in fulfilling your packaging needs.

Quality Products

In order to deliver quality products on a consistent basis, our factory uses the most up-to-date machine and employs qualified technicians to run our equipment. We have multiple layers of quality control to ensure our factory’s production satisfy our consumer’s expectation. Our goal is to provide quality packaging products so that you are 100% satisfied and so that we continue to service your needs.

Environmentally Friendly

At Louis Packaging Inc. we take pride in being earth friendly. We encourage responsible practices and use of earth-friendly materials. Being Green for our future and that of generations to come is very important to us. With consumer demands in mind, we strive to serve your production needs with environmentally safe packaging and ask that you also help keep our planet healthy.